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Nature and Culture

Travel Package

Day 1

  • Taxi service will pick in Quito

  • Arrive in beautiful Tena!

  • If you arrive in the afternoon you will have an opportunity to go explore town or just relax in our jungle garden.

  • Eat a traditional dinner prepared by our local chefs.

  • Go on a night hike for a nocturnal adventure in the primary forest.


Day 3

  • Enjoy our amazing breakfast at the eco-lodge. 

  • You will be taken to a local Kichwa village to learn about daily lives of indigenous people.

  • Next take a canoe down the river to a local chocolate farm to learn about production of chocolate. Enjoy a fresh lunch.

  • After lunch you will have the option to tube down the tranquil river to the animal rescue center. 

  • At the animal rescue center you get a unique opportunity to see wild animals of the rainforest up close. Learn about animal diversity.

  • Return to our Eco-Lodge for savory dinner.


Day 2

  • Start the day with a freshly prepared breakfast at our Eco-Lodge. Enjoy the amazing bird diversity in our garden while eating breakfast!

  • The group will leave for the primary forest just a 20 minute drive from the heart of Tena.

  • First stop is at the primary forest biological reserve. Here you will learn about animals of the jungle and the medicinal plants. You will have the opportunity to climb a 30 meter tower. From here you will be above the rainforest canopy which has the most breath-taking views and birdwatching.

  • The group will stop for a homemade lunch 

  • After lunch, the group continues to an isolated lagoon for a scenic boat ride from a local Kichwa man. This lagoon is perfect for spotting monkeys, birds and reptile species. 

  • The group returns to the eco-loge for relaxation and a delicious dinner.


Day 4

  • Eat a locally made breakfast at our eco-lodge

  • You will have a chance to go into town to one of our favorite shops that sells all local products from Napo region such as soaps, chocolates and sauces.

  • Enjoy the last moments in the rainforest in our jungle garden while you wait for your taxi. 

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