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Kayak the AMAZON River

See The Amazon Jungle While Learning A New Sport

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Kayak Tour

This tour will take you down the Napo River for a full day. Our guides will take you down the most tranquil part of the river. From the river you are able to experience the jungle from a completely new perspective. The rivers are calm and easy to navigate. All Kayaking equipment is provided by Pakay Tours which includes, kayak, oar, skirt, helmet, nose plug and life vest.


Kayak School

In this tour you will learn the basics of how to kayak. This class is at minimum 3 days. The class is conducted by our local kayak experts. Our teachers have years of experience in kayaking and teaching clients.You will learn what is essential in kayaking, which includes learning how to paddle by correctly moving your body. You will also learn how to achieve a roll with the kayak. By the end of the class you will have gained knowledge and confidence needed to successfully kayak. The goal of the class is to run down a class 3 river with our guide. All kayak equipment is provided by Pakay Tours

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