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Tena Napo Ecuador

The Capital of Cinnamon and Guayusa 

The area is known for the most diverse and pristine rivers in the world! Tena is set right at the base of the Andes Mountains, which makes it one of the best places to observe flora and fauna in the Amazon jungle.

In the city of Tena you will find a typical South American jungle town with all its rustic charm. You will find the river walk way known as the Malecón Escénico. Discover Amazónico "La Isla" Park near the Malecón Escénico. Here you can observe the diverse monkey species that live on the island. Also enjoy the typical Ecuadorian cuisine served in various locally owned restaurants. Almost on everyday of the week Tena has an activity in town such as movie night, salsa, and cultural past times. In Tena, there is no shortage of adventure and activities.

Tips for Tena

  • Days can be extremely humid and warm and the nights are cool. Dress in layers!

  • Tena's Market days are Friday and Saturday

  • There are a ton of local swimming spots, Bring your swimsuit and towel

  • There are a lot of international restaurants located in Tena, including vegetarian foods

  • Tena has numerous self guided tours


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