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Raft The AMAZON River

Discover World Class Water of Tena, Ecuador

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Rafting Class III

One of the most popular activities in Tena is rafting. Rafting the class 3 river takes place on the Jatun Yaku River (upper Rio Napo). This river originates from the glaciers on Cotopaxi. The water is pristine as there is no other communities using the river. On the rafting tours you are given a helmet, a lifejacket, a paddle, and a dry top if it is raining or gets cold. A Class 3 river indicates that there are big waves on a large volume river with some obstacles present such as rocks and trunks of trees that are avoidable. No experience is needed to raft this level of river 


Rafting Class IV

The tour on the class 4 river takes place on Rio Jondachi-Hollin. This tour includes the same equipment as the class 3 tour. A Class 4 river indicates intense powerful yet predictable rapids. There may be obstacles that you have to endure and cannot avoid. Again, the water is clean and makes for one of the best rafting experiences available! Some experience in rafting is recommended, but not necessary. 

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