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Camp In the AMAZON

Discover The Waorani Indigenous Culture And Territory On Our Camping Tours

Minimun of 4 people  required for this tour

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Waorani Territory

The Waorani are an indigenous tribe in Ecuador that first made contact with Christian missionaries in the mid 1950’s. They are in an area known as Menpare, 2 hours from Tena via private car. This area is very secluded, which makes it a great location to see wildlife and especially exotic birds. This is also an area where there is oil exploration and extraction. It is interesting to bear witness to the issues that we often talk about affecting the Amazon. 


This tour is at minimum a 2 day tour with overnight camping. You will be given a sleeping bag and tent for your comfort to camp on the beach of the river. To arrive at the beach you must take a canoe from the village.


You will be taking a 2 hour jungle hike in primary forest to a small waterfall. The other hike you can choose is a 4 hour jungle hike in primary forest to a spectacular view point (mirador). Our tours offer the most amazing, unforgettable jungle experience.

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