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Discover The Amazing Diversity Of The Flora And Fauna On The Hiking Tours

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Hike In The AMAZON

Primary Forest Hike

 Take a tour to the primary forest near Tena. Primary forest means that this area has never been logged or manipulated by human activity. The forest is in its natural state. This area was designated as a biology station in the 1980’s and remains one of the most protected areas around Tena. Our local guides are knowledgeable about various plants and how these plants can be used for human and animal benefit, such as medicinal purposes.  High above the rainforest canopy, there is a 30 meter tower that you have the option to climb (with ropes and security devices). From the tower, it is possible to see the continuous lush rainforest canopy. The group goes to an area where there is a large secluded mote for a short canoe ride. In this area, there is opportunity to see more animals such as monkeys, birds, and reptile species. 


Hike in waterfalls

 Discover the primary forest that surround the waterfalls, and learn about medicinal plants and native animal species of the Amazon Jungle. Visit a picturesque swimming  area that has a series of small pools and connects with the main river to create a stunning beach. The water is very clear and fresh and the surroundings make is one of the most optimal places to swim around Tena.


Canyon and Cave Exploradtion

 This area is secondary forest, which means that the trees in this area were cut down previously. There is renewed interest in re-foresting this area. Gran Canyon is a narrow river that has created a small canyon that you can hike along. In part of the canyon, there is a large opening and a private swimming spot with natural pools and fresh water. Next visit the caves. The cave is located on a property where they brew ayahuasca, a recognized medicine. If you are interested, you may learn more about the process and see how the medicine is made. The caves are natural caves. You will be guided through the narrow cave where you will encounter some creatures that have made the cave their home. To pass this cave you must crawl on the bottom of the cave floor in a narrow small space. This is one of the best and most natural cave experiences in the greater Tena area.

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